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We write appraisals for the following purposes: ESTATE SETTLEMENT, EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION (divorce) and INSURANCE.

When we conduct an appraisal for you, we comply with the highest standards, including current IRS guidelines. Our terms are simple. Our rate is $125.00 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. For more complex or involved appraisals, our rate is $125.00 per hour with half of our fee due upfront. There are no fees for local travel. There are no internet research fees, either. Ultimately, you’ll get an unbiased appraisal, one that conforms to the current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Standards. Clarity, ease-of-interpretation, accuracy, and efficiency — these are our goals when we write your appraisal.


If you have a tight deadline, we’re flexible. We can speed up the process if you need an appraisal quickly.


We will travel to New York City (NYC), Long Island (LI), Westchester NY, Eastern & Southern Connecticut (CT), Philadelphia & Eastern Pennsylvania for a minimal amount. For larger appraisals, we do not charge for travel at all.

(This is a paid service, we do not provide free appraisals.)




Alicia Soukup, the owner of Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals, has been in the antique and resale business for the past 20 years. She has obtained her Appraisal Certificate from New York University’s Certificate Program. She has kept her Uniform Standards of Professional Practice certificate current for the 2020 & 2021 calendar years. Alicia is an associate of the Appraisers Association of America based in New York City.  In 2015 she successfully completed the AAA’s rigorous Certification Program ” Appraising Household Contents”.  Before she entered the antique business, Alicia was a real estate agent and a partner at Glickenhaus and Co. in NYC in their special situation Municipal Bond department. Alicia graduated from The University of Vermont with Departmental Honors in Art History as her major study.


Please give us a call at 908-303-2632 or email us at aliciasappraisals@gmail.com to discuss your appraisal needs.


Pricelessfind LLC Appraisals (USPAP Compliant through 12/14/2020)

Candidate for Accredited Membership Appraisers Association of America

Alicia Soukup

Phone: (908) 303-2632


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Candidate for Accredited Membership Appraisers Association of America

USPAP Compliant through 12/14/2020(908) 303-2632We will travel to all parts of New Jersey (NJ), Philadelphia & Eastern Pennsylvania (PA), Westchester, New York City (NYC), Long Island NY, Eastern & Southern Connecticut (CT). We charge a minimal amount for areas over one hour away. For larger appraisal jobs, we do not charge for travel at all.
(This is a paid service, we do not provide free appraisals)